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Jul 21

July Art Exhibitions: Luke Huling and Keira Norton

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Time: All Day Event
Date: Thursday July 4, 2019 through Saturday July 27, 2019
Location: Bunker Center for the Arts
Address: 1014 E. 19th St
Category: Arts / Exhibits
Exhibition dates- July 4th to July 27th
First Friday Artwalk Preview: July 5th, 5-10 p.m.
Artists' Reception- July 26th, 5-10 p.m.
Gallery hours: 12-6 Thursday through Saturday

The month of July brings two powerhouse ceramicists to the Bunker Center for the Arts. Keira Sunshine Norton Of Kansas City and Luke Huling of Bloomington, Indiana are bringing the fruits of their labor to the East Crossroads. Both artists share a common bond from the University of Indiana MFA program and an uncommon talent for pairing representational forms with abstract concepts and emotion, resulting in an arresting gallery presentation. Viewing these pieces will elicit an emotional response from the viewer, no matter how jaded.

Luke Huling
Show title- "Disguise / Divulge"
Medium- Ceramic Sculpture

"I am interested in the way we as humans portray ourselves; the facade that is constructed to conceal our emotions and genuine thoughts. My work aims to grasp this feeling of suppression and detachment of emotions, and unmask these stressors, memories, or afflictions that we keep hidden from those around us. Through the pairing of objects, both abstract and representational, I lead my viewers to a through the looking glass approach of understanding this innate concealment of emotions. I strive to create a sense of initial uneasiness that can sometimes be interpreted as dark humor. However, it is the goal of the work to elicit a visceral reaction from the viewers, thus provoking a more introspective dialogue."


Keira Sunshine Norton
Show title- "More Flowers"
Medium- Ceramic Sculpture

" My sculptures combine the supple forms and playful gestures of dolphins and whales with seductive nude human figures. They are a vehicle for my expression of ideas around the fluidity of gender, sexual attraction, power dynamics, and beauty. These characters have evolved over time from many sources, creating openings for me into the worlds of folklore, popular culture, and art history. My specific influences include tales of mermaids from the Amazon, classic pin-up girls, and the nudes of Ingres and Manet. Creating hybrids gives me the opportunity to be both formally rigorous and playful. I am also inspired by my desire to create smooth, voluptuous forms and surfaces from the raw materials of clay and glaze."

Bunker Center for the Arts

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