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The Most Scream-Worthy Haunted Houses in KC

Kansas City is home to some seriously scary haunted houses. So to help you get in the Halloween spirit, I’ve compiled a list of the top four must-see haunted houses in KC. Visit these Halloween haunts at your own risk.

The Edge of Hell

The Edge of Hell

image via The Beast & Edge of Hell Facebook

This five-story house has been terrifying Kansas City residents since 1975. It is nationally acclaimed and located in the West Bottoms.

Once you step through the door, you go on a journey through hell and back. It’s dark and full of winding staircases and ramps that are designed to confuse you.

The Edge of Hell brings to life every nightmarish fantasy you’ve ever had. Bats, a real-life Dracula, and hideous Gargoyles are waiting to greet you along the way.

Let’s not forget Rat Man, who startles visitors by putting live rats in his mouth. And then there’s Medusa, the largest man-eating Python, weighing in at an enormous 350 pounds.  

The Beast

The Beast

image via The Beast & Edge of Hell Facebook

Also located in the West Bottoms, the Beast is America’s largest haunted house. It is consistently recognized as one of the best-haunted houses in the country.

The Beast has an open-format concept complete with a four-story slide at the top. So there is no waiting in line and visitors can wander through as they please.

You'll have to crawl through dark tunnels and walk on slanted floorboards. And there are many elaborate set-ups such as:

  • A Louisiana bayou swamp
  • Jack the Ripper’s 18th century London
  • A werewolf forest

3rd Street Asylum

3rd Street Asylum

Image Via 3rd Street Asylum Facebook page.

The 3rd Street Asylum has housed some of the most deranged and violent patients in the Midwest. And legend has it that the Asylum’s most famous resident was Bob Barber, the Butcher of Bonner Springs.

Located in an abandoned high school, the Asylum manages to play on every fear imaginable. Mentally ill patients wander the hall with chainsaws. And you won’t want to get stuck in the seriously creepy clown room.

The 3rd Street Asylum is one of Bonner Springs’ most popular attractions. The actors are convincing and the sets are very detailed. The Pitch even named it the "Best Haunted House" in 2013.

Exiled: Trail of Terrors

Exiled: Trail of Terrors

Image Via Exiled: Trail of Terrors Facebook Page.

Would you enjoy being chased through the forest by a masked, chainsaw-wielding psychopath? Is so, Exiled may be right up your alley.

The tight spaces in haunted houses leave some people feeling a tad claustrophobic. Which is why I am excited about Exiled, Kansas City’s very own haunted forest.

Visitors are left in the middle of a pitch-black forest with only a red LED light to guide their way. They’ll have to walk for over a mile to find their way to safety. But that’s not all -- there is a whole host of monsters to avoid during the 45-minute hike.

Which haunted houses are you planning to visit first this Halloween? Let me know in the comments!


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