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Stroud's Restaurant & Bar

Said to be one of the last of the traditional fried chicken restaurants to survive, we continue to serve Kansas City proudly. Bring the family and come and see us for dinner!

Stroud's Oak Ridge Manor
5410 NE Oak Ridge Dr.
Kansas City, MO 64119
Fax: 816.454.0718
Today's Hours: 11:00AM - 10:00PM
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Our History

Our History

Home of Pan Fried Chicken

Soon after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, pioneers from the Eastern States looking for new frontiers started moving into this territory. The land on which this house was built was originally granted to David Hale in 1827. He built a simple two room log cabin, like many of that day, of native timbers from the surrounding forests in 1829. The hewn logs of walnut and white oak have been bared in the attempt to restore the old homestead and recreate those pioneer days.

In 1840, James and Mary Anne Compton purchased this cabin home and began their struggle with the foreboding forests, an ordeal of clearing the land for space in which to grow their crops. As the children were born to this family, additions were made until today this ten room homestead stands graciously with its memories. This pioneer home became the center of social life in Clay County. Men in buckskin and confederate gray danced here with their girls in calico, silk, and homespun. Slaves hurried among the guests with platters of biscuits and breads baked in the fireplace while turkeys and venison were roasting over an open fire. Music, laughter, and song filled the air. As many as 40 or 50 relatives and neighbors came to Oak Ridge to enjoy the food, companionship, and gaiety. Carriages, wagons, and horsemen left not long before dawn.

Darwin and Louise Sandstrom purchased the home and all its furnishings from Miss Emma Compton, the last surviving member of the family in 1954. Naming their restaurant Sandy's Oak Ridge Manor, they continued a century-old tradition of fine food and hospitality. In 1983, Mike and Dennis Donegan along with Jim Hogan purchased Oak Ridge Manor, continuing the tradition that began in 1933 at the award winning and K.C. Landmark, Stroud's South. Joining the Stroud's group a third location opened in Wichita, Kansas in 1992.

Jim Hogan was bought out in 2000 and moved to Texas. Dennis Donegan passed away June 30, 2004. Mike Donegan, along with a caring and professional staff, operate Stroud's with the same ultimate goal of serving home cooked meals in a friendly atmosphere that Dennis insisted upon.