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Burnt End BBQ

We believe in the low and slow cooking technique, smoking our all-natural meats up to 16 hours.

Burnt End BBQ
11831 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS 66210
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About Us

PB&J Restaurants Presents The Burnt End BBQ

Welcome to Kansas City, where barbecue and the blues are a way of life. Welcome to the Burnt End BBQ.

There is just something about BBQ. The flavors, the smell, the friends gathered around the smoker. The way the smoke envelops the meat and the juice drips off the sides. Why do we love it? Is it the dark char on the outside, or the tender juicy morsels of meat on the inside? Is it the discipline that goes into tending a smoker for 16 hours? Or the ability to knock down a six-pack of beer with your friends while the aroma and flavor fills the air. The reason may be different for each of us. But the final product is what brings us together.

BBQ. What is it? The basic definition, barbecue is a slow cooking method that involves fire and smoke. But at the Burnt End, it is so much more. We enjoy the process and believe in the low and slow cooking technique, smoking our meats up to 16 hours.

But it starts long before we put the meat in the smoker. It begins with you in mind. Only the best ingredients are used. In partnership with Good Natured Family Farms, an alliance of 150 local family farms, The Burnt End BBQ features all-natural meats and other locally grown and seasonally produced foods. Because we believe in doing our best, and offering the best.

PB&J and Burnt Ends. It’s a Kansas City thing.

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