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National Catastrophe Restoration Inc

We offer 24/7 emergency mitigation disaster restoration for home or business caused by fire, smoke, water, wind, storm, and earthquake damage in the Kansas City Metro area.

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Quarterly Question

Space Heater Safety 101

Q:   What kind of safety tips do I need to keep in mind for my space heater use?

A:    During this time of year space heaters are almost as popular of a purchase as winter coats and hot chocolate. Whether it is keeping our toes warm in the office, or looking forward to a warm bathroom after your shower, space heaters have great temporary and situational advantages.

Unfortunately, with the relief of a space heater come the safety issues of its warmth. According to the National Fire Protection Association, heating equipment such as personal space heaters is one of the leading causes of fires during the winter months. Below are 7 tips to keep your home or office cozy with these heaters, as well as keeping your safety a top priority.

Seven Safety Tips

1. Check the testing and safety standards, located on the box before your purchase. Look for ones with a nationally-recognized testing laboratory. The specific safety standards will be set higher.

2. Make sure there is a guard around the heating element itself. This will help to keep little fingers or fabrics from burns.

3. Place the heater on a level surface for stability.

4. Never run the cord under rugs or carpeting.

5. If you have to use an extension cord, use a heavy duty cord that is #14 gauge or larger wire (the smaller the number the larger the gauge).

6. Do not use the heater as a dryer by placing clothing over it, and never use a heater to thaw pipes.

7. Do not leave the heater unattended or operating while you are sleeping. They should only be used as a temporary heating and used only while attended.

In the event that an emergency does occur, it is important to call trained and certified technicians to ensure a high quality of service for your affected space.  NCRI is standing ready 24/7, with these technicians on staff, ready to give you a FREE ESTIMATE and assist with your restoration needs.