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Sydney's Pet Spa

Leawood's finest all-inclusive pet services facility where all "Pets are Pampered".

Sydney's Pet Spa
13656 Roe Ave.
Leawood, KS 66224
Fax: 913.239.0859
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Sydney's Super Scoopers

Yes We're Scooping!!!

Sydney's Super Scooper


Sydney's is now offering an at-home service to all our clients.  Need someone to come and scoop that dog waste out of your yard....call Sydney's Pooper Scoopers!  We already know your pets and hope you would feel comfortable with one of our staff members coming to your house and taking care of your yard. 
*All your pet care services through ONE TRUSTED company
*Will clean all year round
*Satisfaction Guaranteed
*Monthly Billing for your convenience
*All waste is removed and taken with your Scooper
*Recommend service on days of lawn care
One Time Cleanup - $40
     (Having a party or BBQ or any special occasion)
   -$40/first hour
   -$15/each additional 30 minute intervals
   -Due at cleanup
   -Minimum 1 hour  
First Time Cleanup - $30
     (This is required for all clients who are starting service and will only be charged this one time)
   -$30/first hour
   -$15/each additional 30 minute intervals
   -Due at cleanup - and will then collect one month's payment
   -Minimum of $30
All pricing is based on the # of dogs and how often you would like our services (Weekly, Every Other Week or Monthly)
# of Dogs          Weekly Price          Every Other Week          Monthly Price
1                           $14                           $19                           $56
2                           $16                           $21                           $64
3                           $18                           $23                           $72
4                           $20                           $25                           $80