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L & C Meat, Inc.

Since 1948, L & C Meat offers Old KC Brand Dry Aged Beef, the finest quality meat available. From KC Strips, to Filets and T-Bones, in gift boxes to fit any occasion.

L & C Meat, Inc.
1136 S. Vista Ave.
Independence, MO 64056
Fax: 816.796.6107
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Old KC Brand

USDA Certified Choice Dry Aged Beef

Aging Room

The old KC Brand, Certified, Dry Aged Beef is the result of a time proven, uncompromising set of quality controls and processing procedures. To produce the highest quality steaks, you must start with the highest quality cattle; Old KC Brand uses only USDA Certified choice and prime cattle, selected from the Midwest's finest packers. To meet our high standards, all cattle must be uniform in size and quality. This means, all cattle must be of an A or B maturity and have a minimum of modest to moderate marbling and be USDA Field Grade 1 or 2, weighing between 575 and 625 pounds. This desirable grade and size make up less than 4% of the total beef produced in the United States, but insures you the ultimate in consistency and quality.

The Old KC Brand, Certified, Dry Aged Beef is produced from beef that had never been bagged or frozen, but is naturally dry, aged, bone-in, in our own special aging coolers with exact temperature, circulation, and humidity controls and is inspected daily as it naturally ages. The natural enzymes contained in the meat will, over time, tenderize and flavor the meat. No other process will do near the job. Other companies age their meat in cryovac bags. This bag-aging process does not produce the results of the traditional, tried and true way of natural dry-aging.

Our Dry Aging Process

  1. USDA Certified Choice beef is selected from the northern region of the United States because of its superior muscle texture.
  2. Our beef is sent to our cooler for 14-21 days prior to starting the aging process. Our product is never frozen and is always 100% fresh.
  3. Our beef is hung in our aging room for 10-14 days. We keep the room between 28-34° with a humidity level of 80-85%.
  4. Dry aging removes moisture and anaerobic bacteria yielding a concentrated “beefy” flavor and naturally tenderized product.